Technology…Is it really that serious?

images  Everyone uses technology in some way or another. Technology is literally everywhere we turn and sublimely runs the world; that statement can be debatable but it’s not too much of an overstatement. Throughout the course of 2 days I’ve recorded my consumption of technology use from social networking, watching television, texting, and listening to music.

It’s Wednesday February 19th, 7:30 am. My alarm goes off and the first thing I do is check if I received a Good Morning text from my boyfriend. After I get dressed and ready for class, I put in my headphones and turn on my music. I hardly look up from my phone because as I walk to class I text and check my Instagram and twitter. I’ll admit I almost tripped a couple of times, but I digress. I arrive to class a few minutes early so I use those few minutes to play my favorite game Candy Crush. (it’s actually quite addicting). This is my daily routine as I walk to my classes until I return back to my dorm. When I get into my dorm around 2 o’clock I turn on the T.V to watch Sex and the City. I also turn on my computer to check Blackboard. I check my emails throughout the day to see if I received any internship opportunities, or blackboard notifications. I also text all day until I fall asleep at 2am. I try not to text in class but it’s actually pretty hard not texting for 50 minutes because my phone is constantly ringing and vibrating.This is my daily routine everyday.

I was surprised as to how much I got on Instagram throughout the day. I wasn’t as surprised about the texting because that’s what most people do all day. But I realized Instgram actually consumes some of my life and it was actually sickening. This experiment has actually made me get on social networks less than I used to. I’m surprised to say I appreciate the epiphany it has given me. untitled


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